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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Prayers Answered and on the mend!

Good morning, all!  I just had to write a short post to share what has happened recently since I now seem to be improving in leaps and bounds.  Some people, even Christians, don't understand the relevance of the heavier Christian music.  Let's see if I can explain a bit better?  I had been feeling defeated.  This fall hit me so very hard and then I got some awful flu just a week later that wouldn't let go.  Until last week I wasn't able to type at all.  There were days that holding my small sketch book was a real feat.  I mostly watched TV by the hour and slept for more than a month.  Then I went out to a movie with my husband and son and when I came out I became so fearful of falling that I had to sit on a bench and let my husband come and pick me up with the car.  I shook in tears as I explained to my step-son how badly I felt.  When I got home I shared a post on Facebook about how I felt and asked for prayers.  The following morning at church I asked a friend (an amazing prayer warrior) to pray for me.  She prayed a powerful prayer of warfare against satan and the spirit of fear.  I literally felt a cloud lift and my countenance changed significantly! 

After church we had a picnic planned with the congregation and I went even though I had to use a cane at this little park to make sure I didn't fall.  My step-son shared an album with me that sounded so intriguing that I had to listen more when I got home.... Here I am more than 3 weeks later and I've been improving all along.  Occupational therapy got to my house and I started typing again with 2 hands last week. 

This music empowered me.  There is a great difference between secular, loud music.  Secular, heavy music can be enraging while Christian heavy music can be empowering!  The world spews so much negativity in today's music while Christian music is positive and uplifting!  I am a person who has heard so much garbage in my past that I need the heavy, loud, positive music to BLAST it out of my head and replace all that negativity with positivity!  Words from my favorite song on this new album by the band Thousand Foot Krutch are:  "I am not afraid of the storm that comes my way
When it hits it shakes me to the core and makes me stronger than before" and the music?  It's just inspiring!  Please see the video:

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