He is making perfect sense out of a perfectly senseless, messed up life!

Friday, October 12, 2012

His Love is Shared on Facebook

If you are on Facebook, there is no excuse for you not getting many daily doses of God's word, prayer, etc... There are many, many Christians on here sharing along with many Christian pages that post several times daily.  This was pointed out to me even more this past Summer when I had an awful fall, dislocating my shoulder and breaking my left arm.  I couldn't do much more than hit 'like', 'share', and refresh my page through many weeks.  At first I chose wallowing in self pity for a time but I truly believe God drew me to my desk chair even when I didn't feel like it and I found a plethora of good, sound Christian posts.  Don't let anyone tell you that Facebook is a bunch of garbage because I've heard many negative comments about Facebook and with anything that is man made, of course it is imperfect and can be used unwisely!  Do searches on such things as prayer, God, Jesus, and on and on so you can like these pages and have the info in your feed.  Try subscribing to the people's public posts that you see posting on these pages!  I, myself, have watched people go from never saying a word about God to publicly thanking Him and joining in on the sharing!  Facebook is truly a great big mission field!  We love you and even more importantly, God loves you!  "Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ"!  Happy Friday and may you have a blessed weekend!

***In addition, I just stopped back in this writing to share and I took notice of something that I needed to share, too!  One of the ways that God puts an emphasis (like an extra exclamation point) on the fact that He is speaking to me is that a word will come to mind within the inspiration that I rarely or even never use and I'll even also know the meaning of it.  Today I noticed right off the word "plethora" that I can't say I ever used before!  So, this is a writing with extra emphasis!!  Enjoy! (added 12/15/12)

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