He is making perfect sense out of a perfectly senseless, messed up life!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I believe the Lord showed me to share a bit more about me. In 2001 the world disabled me, but I believe that is when the Lord really enabled me. I am an artist/published author for Him. I have published one book (testimony & poetry) and I write a blog that is tremendously anointed (526 followers). I’ve shared that I was denied by my long-term disability company. This is not Social Security but a private policy through my previous employer (hospital where I worked as a Transcriptionist). I was found to be in remission from CNS Vasculitis (terminal, rare disease) and healed of the brain lesions that it caused in 2007 but I was left with some deficits that keep me fighting to function on a daily basis BUT allows God’s glory to shine through since I am able to do much ONLY by His grace since my hands are debilitated enough that I should not be able to type or do the art plus many more things. This ins. Co. only says that the testing and etc…are “inconsistent” with what I do. They are (of course) in so many words, claiming that I am lying instead of acknowledging the many words of testimony that I have shared with them that I do this ONLY by GOD’S hand. With the tiny monthly income supplement from this ins. Co. we are able to just barely cover our bills, without it we are truly seeking and praying for God’s provision! I am now in the process of finding an attorney and since I have God on my side and I know that HIS TRUTH is ever present, I WILL PREVAIL! Please join me in prayer in this fight that HIS TRUTH shall win! And, win quickly! And that His provision shall prevail upon me and my household, too! I live, set aside from the world (with hubby working & looking for a job with more income closer to home), spending many hours alone with Him and in His service ministering to others by message, e-mail, phone, various ways on Facebook and occasionally in person. I am believing that through our prayers through Him we shall overcome!

This is an old song but close to my heart.  Still brings tears since it's always reminded me of my mom!  Must share:

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