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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Excerpt from October Newsletter - F.I.T. (www.100hour.org) UPDATE

After writing this I realize that I should give some explanation. F.I.T. meets in a room at my church on Thursday nights at 7 pm. This meeting is attended by people who have been recently released from jail or prison and others who love them. The same classes are taught in these meetings that are taught in the jails/prisons. I attended these meetings for several years, taking classes over and over again. I also took the training, twice, to be able to facilitate these classes. I and one of my closest girlfriends, Bonnie Tapley, facilitated Parenting to the women in the Sarasota County Jail for more than a year. Even though I am now in the background, keeping them in prayer, this ministry is constantly on my heart. 20% of the full purchase price of all of my artwork is donated to this ministry. To purchase something and make a donation, please see my shops at:

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/julianap

Groove Press: http://somethingbyjuliana.groovepress.com/

And/Or at the Muse Galleria in Sarasota (Boutique/Gallery website: http://www.musegalleria.org/default.html)

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, please see:

http://www.100hour.org and http://journeyassembly.org/2011/03/100-hour-program/

FEATURE ARTICLE By N. Elizabeth Holland, M.D.

At 13 lessons, Godly Parenting is the longest

course in the FIT Curriculum. This series

emphasizes parenting and disciplining based

on the stages of development. There are

separate lessons on each stage of

development from prebirth to adult children.

This book was written by an MD and is

appropriate where extensive, age-appropriate

materials are needed. Thirteen lessons.

Author of Godly Parenting

Published by Living Free

Unit 13 of the FIT Curriculum


Medical School- University of Tennessee

Medical School; Internship, Residency - St.

Jude Children's Hospital, Medical College of

Virginia, Hospital for Sick Children,

Edinburgh, Scotland; Practice - Pediatric Associates, P.C., Memphis, TN. 1975 to present; Board Member - Teen

Challenge Memphis; Living Free, Chattanooga, TN

The young mother stumbled into my office. Frustration, anger and general misery were etched into her face. She was accompanied by a 5 year old who was ignoring her as he played with a miniature car, a toddler who wailed as he pulled at her hand, and a 6 month old baby perched on her hip. Her question both astounded and rattled me. "We are a Christian family, we attend Church, we try to honor God, but I have no idea how to make my Christianity work while I deal with a husband who works all the time, and is so distant when he is at home, and I have to constantly deal with these three." Her gesture included her children, who now were all crying, and were pulling her in different directions. "How does God want me to deal with all of this? Can you help me?"

The reason I was rattled was that I had no idea how to answer her question. I didn't know God, and had never considered that He might have an opinion on the subject of raising children. I was in my late 30's, a pediatrician working
in a busy urban pediatric practice, a confirmed alcoholic, a "dabbler" into several different types of drugs and promiscuity. Actually, I was more than ignorant concerning God's opinions. I actively avoided anything that even
bordered on the question, because I was sure that He would have a less-than-favorable opinion about my lifestyle.

My life changed dramatically in 1981, when I was 41 years old. I had reached the end of my rope, and had even considered ending my life, when I finally made the decision to surrender my life to Jesus Christ and began a long-term,
vibrant relationship with Him. I plunged into a study of His Word, and made many trips into the Third World to deliver medical care to those in refugee camps, slums, and garbage dumps. These trips lasted anywhere from 1 year to 1-2 weeks. Obviously the physical circumstances were different than those to which I was accustomed, but the amazing truth I discovered is that people had the same basic questions and desires the world over. "How can I make a better life for my children and my family? How can I deal with the difficult circumstances that I face day to day?"

Back at home in America, in my pediatric practice, I continued to find great confusion concerning how to deal with children. Medical science was making great strides in dealing with issues such as types of feeding, methods of discipline, safety precautions in cars and other places, and other similar questions. But even with the advances in medicine, I found greater principles outlined in the Word of God. As I studied His written Word to us, I was astounded as I came to see that the way God deals with His children was an exact description of the way He wants us to deal with ill children. As we come to understand how He has parented us, we can grasp more and more how He wants us to deal with our children and our families. His principles are unchanging, and His methods cannot be successfully challenged.
Even though there are a multitude of parenting books available today, I had seen none that approached the subject from this perspective. As God parents us, so we can learn to deal with our children. This was the inspiration and vision for the book/workbook that I have written called Godly Parenting. I looked at each stage of a child's life, from infancy through adulthood, and drew parallels with how God dealt with us at that stage of our spiritual growth. In addition to Biblical references and study points throughout the book, I also included practical pointers from a pediatrician's perspective - especially from a pediatrician who had noted a real need for many practical bits of information in her practice. Growth and Development information, as well as Safety Considerations are presented in each chapter, and correspond to that particular stage of the child's growth.

I hope that this simple book and workbook will meet a need in today's busy society. First, for those who were raised in happy, stable homes and have an excellent sense of their own value and self worth, this book should offer
encouragement, advice, and practical tips on raising children in our modern world. But, for those whose childhood did not fit this pattern, who perhaps were neglected or abused, or who simply never grasped the fact that they were loved and secure, this book can give a sense of value to each person that God has created and loved. Many of those who are using this parenting course have never understood that simple fact - that they have value, and that they are loved. Many were abused and are now trying to break that pattern with their children. Many are incarcerated in our jails and prisons
and desperately need an understanding of God's forgiveness and love, as well as an understanding of how to pass something to their children that they have never received.

In the first chapters of this book, we come to understand how God deals with us in our helplessness, how He cares for us and protects us. In the same way, we learn about the rigors, as well as the joy, of dealing with helpless infants. As we grow, we start to understand God's methods of discipline, and to realize that God's always disciplines His children because He loves them. His discipline is never harsh or unloving, but is given in love to teach and train in right living. Knowing how to discipline our children in love, never in anger, is an extremely important thing every parent needs to learn.

Later we see God's pattern of instruction, and how we can pattern this in our children's "learning" years. Finally we learn how God allows His children to move into adulthood, to begin to make mature decisions, and to take responsibility for their own actions. As we come to understand His parenting in our own lives, we can better know how to pass this knowledge onto our children.

It is my hope and prayer that everyone using this material will be better able to guide their own children in our modern, difficult world, as well as be better able to see and understand God's involvement, guidance and love in their own lives.


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