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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Mom-in-Law Share

       I’ve decided that I need to share this finding with the followers of this blog.  Hoping it will give you an “ah” moment in your mundane Tuesday.  My mother-in-law was promoted to glory on 8-16-11.  She was 80 years old, had a short lived elevation in her illness and went home to be with the Lord where she’d dreamed of being for some years now.  I’m thankful that she was seemingly comfortable for a good long time here on this earth and that we know that she is now even more comfortable, pain and tear free in heaven.

          While going through the things at her home we came upon a poem that she had written for me.  My mind fails me as to whether I’d been given it before since I can’t say that I recognize it.  I can say that it brought tears when we found it this time.


You came into the life of my son
God assured me my rearing was done;
When you met him, and brightened his life,
Later, you became my son’s dear wife.

So here you are, a ways down the road,
You have both shouldered a heavy load;
Though Devil has thrown some nasty darts,
He can’t penetrate your Godly hearts.

Don’t dwell on the sickness or rough times,
Just trust in the Lord, and you’ll be fine;
Jesus is there, in laughter and tears,
He will stay with you, throughout the years!

Happy Birthday!!!! (#29 and holding)
Love, and God bless you, Mom


          The one thing that I’ve never forgotten in our 20 year marriage and will undoubtedly remember to my own grave is that my mother-in-law found out about my past, including the prison time during the week of our marriage.  She didn’t bat an eye.  Mom just said that she was happy that her son found a Godly wife.  And, that is the way that it should be!

I don’t have a specific video to go along with this post but thought I’d just share a song that continues to bless me and I truly believe is my favorite of all time.  I’ve been told again and again of its heavy anointing.  Praying you are blessed!

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