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Thursday, June 14, 2012


I thought I should share with you the reason that I hadn't written anything new for some time.   I had shared with you all that I have been working on a second book but now it seems that even that has been put on hold for several weeks.  I am typing this one handed since I had a bad fall on June 2nd (my 52nd birthday) resulting in not only scrapes and bruises but also a broken left arm.  Only a delay, I am sure!  I should be starting physical therapy in the not too distant future and back writing more unrestrictedly in no time. 

Thanks for your understanding! 

I will leave you with my present favorite tune:

So, I'm now 6 1/2 weeks past the fall.  Turned out after having a CT that I was found to have dislocated my left shoulder and fractured it in the process yet thank the Lord it popped back into place.  I'm typing a little bit again and just started occupational therapy to work on the soft tissues this week.  Praying to be back and around doing more soon!  Please say some extra prayers for me!