He is making perfect sense out of a perfectly senseless, messed up life!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I had a friend comment recently about how much music I listen to. I shared with her regarding the fact that I listen to a whole lot of music, mostly worship music. I would advise anyone who is a true believer to have plenty of worship music to access daily.

 This morning I’m just sitting here in my office chair half on the computer, half nearly asleep. It came to mind to play my worship music and listening to these words, I came alive! Worship, along with prayer are major parts of my life. It’s necessity! This is my most recent favorite. I love the way it helps put my heart in tune with my true feelings:

Alive In You
by 7eventh Time Down

Your loves inside of me
Spinning my soul from my head to my feet
I feel it in my bones grabbing my soul
I'm losing control

I live for you
There's nothing I won't do
I'll run to you
There's nothing I won't do

Your loves a mystery
Your love it makes me breathe

I am alive in you
You are the truth
Your the air that keeps me breathing
Wonderful so beautiful
I am alive in you

I'm wearing no disguise
A Jesus freak till the day that I die
I will not compromise
You can throw every stone
But you can't take my life

This is my declaration
Nothing can separate us
You are my salvation
Nothing can separate us

Behind the Song:
“Alive in You “ --(Cliff) “We grew up on worship music, so we do that too, but we are ministers who are in a rock band. This first single is coming out of the gate swinging and punching saying ‘Hey we’re a rock band!’ This song is a celebration in what God has done in our lives. It’s like a soapbox to be honest. It’s us getting up there and instead of shouting out to the people, it’s like us looking up at God and saying, ‘I’m not afraid to proclaim that you’re the reason I’m breathing!’ We recognize you are the reason we are where we are.”

As I read this, I realized that I really felt the same way singing it along with them as this band shares that they did creating it.