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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

COMMITTED - Answered Prayer and Praise Report

Our pastor tells us time and again that try=failure and commitment=success.  I’ve proved it time and again but today was a truly memorable one.

To back up a bit, on Sunday morning before communion our pastor prayed over the congregation then he asked us to ask the Lord to show us any personal sin that remained in our lives.  I’ve had such a rough 2+ months that I’m always looking for wisdom so I prayed.  And I saw in my mind’s eye that the sin didn’t lie in something that I was doing but in something that I wasn’t doing.  I saw myself writing and spending time in His word in the mornings as I’d been doing prior to the fall of June 2nd.  My mornings had been so rough since the fall that I hadn’t slept through a night since – still on the couch, taking Benadryl or ½ of an Excedrin pm (yes, I need that little) to even get a restless few hours, always in pain, many nights spent playing solitaire in the middle – so mornings were normally spent in a groggy stupor in and out of sleep in front of the TV and surely not in a state for absorbing God’s word.  Yesterday went the same way but as those prayers laid heavily on my mind from Sunday morning I became more and more determined/committed to get up and get in God’s word and writing so I prayed on and off throughout the day.

Well, you can probably guess what I’m going to tell you next, can’t ya?  I stayed up playing solitaire to make myself sleepy instead of taking a substance to help me sleep so I was up until nearly 2 am.  But, I woke up before the alarm (set to make sure that my husband is up for work or 7 am).  And, PRAISE THE LORD and HALLELUJAH, I’d slept through that whole 5 hours and awoke in NO PAIN!  And, I’ve been in God’s word and writing since not long after my husband left for work!  Please join me in Praising Him!

I also learned another lesson.  I’ve had such a high tolerance to pain over the years that I’d had a lack of tolerance or understanding for my mother’s pain the last years of her life.  Never underestimate the power of pain to truly boggle a person’s mind.  I’m also asking God for forgiveness for this.  Shoulder pain is just awful and the pain from non-use of muscles (which my mother had much of) is even worse.  Even when the pain wasn’t severe it was still there, aching, gnawing at me.  The worst pain I’d had since the 10 hour spine surgery in 1995.  Honestly!!  I am so thankful to the Lord for this morning that I awoke with no pain!  And, I am COMMITTED to the same thing every morning that He enables me!

And with that, an appropriate video share:

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