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Monday, September 29, 2014

Was This an Angel?

I went to our first meeting for those of us on a newly started 24/7 prayer line in the Christian community where I live after church today. The pastor started out with sharing about his closeness to God and how he wished that all others could also experience the closeness that he had. This caused my mind to wander to a time that I’ve not yet put down in words. Back to when I thought I was just so close but I had an experience where in telling my mom about it, she told me that it sounded like I had an angel visit.  This came to mine for about the fourth time since I came home from that meeting so I thought I’d better write. 

This pastor also shared about how he'd learned that when you start to see God in the circumstances of life that you will begin to see Him more and more.  I’ve shared with people that my dad (RIP 2001) would say about me as I’ve heard him say about some, that I’m so heavenly bound that I’m no earthly good. This because I just see God in so much of my life. I believe 

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

that if He did not cause it, He let it happen. Everything happens for a reason. And believing this way and developing a trust in Him helps me to be so much more at peace knowing that He is ordering all of my steps.  I have also learned to see how much He truly loves me and doesn’t want me to live a boring, hum drum life. 

Psalm 37:23 “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord”

Life is so much more interesting upon realization that one can fellowship with the Almighty Creator of the universe. So few actually do come running when He calls. I wonder if people actually know what they are missing?

Back to my share:  not long after our move to Florida my hubby decided to take me to a movie in a theater. What an undertaking since I’d just thrown my cane up on the dashboard of our moving truck to not pick it up again not long before this. Looking back I don’t even think that there was any prior thought to the darkness of a movie theater even when the lights do come up. For several years I’d had what is called a positive “Romberg’s Sign”.  For some time I’d just fall flat if trying to navigate in the dark. This was already starting to improve some but I was still very much in the firsts of any recovery and at that time only thought to be in remission. 

We went to the movie and at this time I have no clue what we saw. As we left all rushed for the exit. I just got behind my hubby and held on to the back of his shirt also seemingly oblivious to the effect that the rushing crowd of people would have on me.  BUT I hadn’t a fear as I saw a tall man with outstretched arms holding back the crowd descending down this theater’s stadium seating steps to let My hubby and I exit the theater with only a couple of people near by.   Later, as I shared this happening with my mother she told me right off that I’d had an angel visitation. I was in awe but I realized what other explanation could it be. There was no one else in that theater that knew my state. 

And, if you want to read more, look through these archives since this was only the first of several angel visitations within the 8 years since we moved to Florida. Who do you think it was?  Who or what might you see if you really started looking for Him?

I see God in the life that’s all around
I see God with each smile and every frown
He’s here in the green of Spring
He’s here in the colors of Fall
Won’t you open your eyes, your heart
            And find where else He calls?

May you learn to see God in so many things in life that you never have a doubt that what He says in His word, that He will never leave nor forsake you just has to be truth!

Hebrews 13:5b For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

(My apologies for my lack of writing in recent months. It seems like there’s always something going on. As I’ve said in the past, Satan seems to be disguising himself as ‘Life’. At this moment my computer is out being repaired and has been down for 3+ weeks. I am also moving into a different season in life. Thank you for your patience and continued loyalty!)

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