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Thursday, January 15, 2015


This brother (Russell Weaver) shared this on Facebook back in 2012, it came to mind recently and I had to go back and look for it.  It made me cry again, too!  Such a beautiful share and I am honored.   Although I don't remember drawing the face in the middle (may have drawn it, may have had someone else do it for me), I do remember drawing the rest and I wrote many, many poems at that time in my life. (But, famous?)

Photo by Russell Weaver - Card artwork by Juliana Pace

"A beautiful sister made these for me what seems like yesterday but was actually a lifetime ago. As I sat in a prison cell for years on end she wrote me DAILY & always with a card & encouragement. She is now a famous artist & author. We, tho hundreds of miles apart with no church base or pastorage other than an old beat up NIV new testament and each others prayers .. saw those prayers answered, lives changed, & miracles happen. If you will not testify then the rocks themselves will cry out !!!! If you cant find a church or get a king james bible. Pray ..... Jesus gives those for our usage NOT our salvation. Prayer WILL change your life !!! Any bible version will do.. Any church will do... God will be faithful in getting you right if you are faithful to pray. Thank you my dear sister for days of love when I was where love was not.
 — with Juliana Heintz Pace"  Written by Russell Weaver

This was from a time in my life when I was learning to be me with the Lord while sitting in a different prison cell!  This was a time in my life when I needed to walk away from nearly all my friends, yet God had Russ standing beside me and Himself! We both wrote & loyally prayed daily! Even though this many years later God took our lives in different directions, demographically, I can never forget him! God gave us a bond in Himself that was different than most would or could ever understand! Writing to him and sharing my days in learning about the Lord with him, I still cherish in my heart!  I know that God orchestrated all of this in my life for me to be who I am now! My dad once shared a saying with me that he'd adopted from AA in Ohio that has an unknown author and I have also learned to share it several times over, "If I had to go through all that I did to be who I am now, then I'm glad it happened."

You can read more about this time in my life in my book "Beyond to Better Things" by Tricia Marie (my pen name):

Since I usually share a song video in my posts it only seems appropriate to share a song that meant so much to me all those years ago and still means so much today!

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