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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Apologies and THEN SOME

Life has gotten quite interesting! Yes, I am up and around more and moving towards having a much more organized life yet the process is rather busy. I’ve noticed that I hadn’t been writing as much on here but I have had no words that I could share with you all at this time. I did spend some time writing yet it was for a testimony to give in Celebrate Recovery and I haven’t felt that I should share this one until after it’s given since I have several friends from there on Facebook and I don’t want to spoil it. There are parts that people know quite a bit in my life but some that they don’t know at all. I will share this testimony after it is given on here. My ladies’ Sunday school class are getting it first, for my practice they are playing my guinea pigs.

I have also written a small testimony about my healing of CNS Vasculitis that I might share on here. Still praying about it. My pastor asked me to write it to give at my church.

I must also share and ask for prayers for traveling mercies in December. We have been so very blessed this year. Our 25th wedding anniversary is in December so we are going on a week-long cruise to celebrate. This has been booked since March, so, you can just imagine our delight when my husband won the grand prize in the Popeyes Chicken sweepstakes. He won a trip to the Bahamas Bowl with all the bells and whistles. Prayers would be appreciated for this, too, since I am a bit apprehensive due to my physical limitations and they have all kinds of things planned for us there. I am honestly claiming *Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I will share a few photos, etc…when we return yet I think it may be next year until you hear from me again after the next 2 things that I previously wrote to share.

My brother replied to an e-mail that I wrote April, 2014 that had a good message in it so I thought there are some words to share on my blog!

“This kept coming to mind. Joe quit smoking on the night of my brain biopsy 1/31/01. He literally harped on me for another 6 ½ years to quit until I finally did. Many times over he would even tell me about the health issues, etc… but I knew ALL of that. In that 6 ½ years I don’t think he ever told me one thing that I didn’t know. He ran out and just never touched another one. For me, I tried going cold turkey and after 4-5 days I was throwing things and yelling ‘how can God help me if I can’t even find Him’. It took me 6 months of working slowly at breaking the habit until I could finally set a date and then quit (matter of fact, I probably should write it down sometime cause it could help someone else). It was so upsetting and Joe & I had numerous arguments over it. He actually asked me to do it for him a couple of times which you should know, too, that it won’t work. He even thought after I finally quit that I should not want to smoke for the exact same reasons that he didn’t want to. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always want something for someone else and it worked? I kept telling him to pray. For me, I need to remember that my words will not change them even 1/10th as fast as prayer will! Wow…I think I’m writing a blog post (LOL)…I will have to at least save this and make it into one, huh? Cause you could actually use this for anything, especially accepting Jesus. We think we know how much it would mean to someone else but really only they will know when they finally do get it! And, we really don’t know what will make them finally soften their hearts to Him! But, the Holy Spirit knows so prayer is totally where it’s at! If only we (and I’m saying me, too) would get it through my head once and for all that when I’ve said enough (maybe not said anything) and I’ve come up against a wall to just shut up and pray! I love that I have prayer!”

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