He is making perfect sense out of a perfectly senseless, messed up life!

Monday, July 10, 2017


I apologize for not writing for some time.  It seems that my life is mid-transition right now.  God is moving me into a new season.  I have the inspiration to write but then no time for writing.  It is 4:30 am and I am having trouble sleeping right now so I guess writing may help me to get back to sleep?  I hope it doesn’t make me have trouble writing as a Benadryl starts to kick in.  I am learning to use a CPAP due to trouble breathing in my sleep.  Something that you see as bad can be good instead.  I can be bullheaded and I simply call it, “stuck in stupid”.  It’s when I get an idea that I won’t let go of, even if it is not of God.  BUT, I keep praying.  God ALWAYS helps me with this at some point.  There’s a song that I love called Break Me Down by the band Red.  I believe it also helped me to quit smoking.  It’s how I’ve learned to “give up”.  It’s telling God that I don’t understand why I won’t let it go but I do still want to.  “Lord, break me down, then”.  Teach me how to do it.  “Do what you have to, Lord.”  And, that is most of the time not pleasant but it works!

I started doing the work that I planned for “Branding” my different inspirations.  You see the difference here, although I’m not yet sure about the colors it’s coming along.  Please check for my new page on Facebook for this blog (https://www.facebook.com/BeyondtoBetterThings/).  I may use it to keep followers updated regarding it, instead of always doing it in a post.  It has the save Cover photo as the background of this blog.  My art page also has the same cover photo.  And, so do my business cards.  Everything is under the same heading of Something by Juliana with a different sub-title (at least that is what I’m aiming for).

I wrote that about a month ago and since then I feel nearly like a new person.  I’ve learned to use the CPAP religiously…even when I nap!  And I am feeling so much better.  Not long after that I started on a new medication for Fibromyalgia.  Yes, I finally gave in 16 years after being told that I was a prime candidate for it.  And, I started Cardiac Rehab.  All three of these things PLUS many prayers have nearly totally changed my life from just a month ago.  Honestly!  Until you do have your own relationship with Jesus, don’t put it past Him.  He knows what we need before we even ask.

I also prayed to be in His Word more since I knew that He was speaking to me in different ways that I needed to fill myself up with Him in every way that I could find.  I had felt quite lousy for some time now…since the whole heart attack thing.  Actually, I’d feel awesome, heavenly bound, Spirit-filled to overflowing for a day or two, then be right back down where I was.  I sought prayers from everywhere I could think of.  I was so tired of the roller coaster and I knew that something had to give.  This was not the way that I was supposed to live!  That is when He showed me that I needed to fill myself up with all of Him that I could so that Satan had no room to get in!  Hallelujah!  So, how did I go about that?  So, I kept praying!  Being an ex-work-a-holic I wondered how to do so much without overdoing?  Prayer!!!  Always prayer!  Always leaning on that relationship with Jesus.  There is no other way!

(By the way, I have had so many years in the past where even breakfast was non-existent and today I’m having Keurig coffee with flavored creamer, fresh homemade 1% yogurt with fresh pineapple, Truvia Nectar, and granola along with a Mandarin orange, Black plum, and Rambutans.  Along with sitting at my dining room table on an iPad Pro amongst not only 1 but 2 bouquets of fresh flowers and I could go on and on about the differences in my life! – I am truly blessed.)

Back to my answered prayers!  OH MY!  I was asked to be the moderator of several LARGE Christian groups/pages where I read so many posts; devotionals, scripture, photos, etc… on and off most days all day long.

I had been interested in Bible Journaling for some time.  Got myself a Journaling Bible a good year ago yet never did much with it at all.  Cardiac Rehabilitation (prayers answered to do it, too) is done at a hospital in Clearwater so I have about a 25 minute drive through much retail, etc… and I’ve almost always used coupons when passing by places to pick up art supplies.  Just seemed practical.  So, I have been collecting Bible Journaling supplies.  Then I joined Bible Journaling groups on Facebook and WOW.  I have never had group conversations about Bibles before in my life.  My heart leaped!  And here I am writing!  God is moving!  And, I do not remember my last “down” day.  I’m improving so quickly that I know it is nothing less than a miracle!  And it seems that I will share more about Bible Journaling in a later post, maybe even get some new friends to participate?  That might be fun!  I’m working on this page to share with you today, though!

I will be posting as I improve in leaps and bounds.  I believe I’ve shared in the past about my spine and how I had 10 hours of spine surgery in 1995.  I was not supposed to be down sick in bed for 2+ years and since I started the rehab my back and left hip are in need of more specialized attention so I am having X-rays this week to be referred to a spine specialist.  This is actually what I’ve prayed about for about a year yet the heart thing jumped out there and took precedence.  So, waiting to see what happens here.  I’m sure that more miracles are in store for me.  HALLELUJAH!

Have a blessed week.  And I will leave you with a new favorite of mine:

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