He is making perfect sense out of a perfectly senseless, messed up life!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cute Little Share - 2010

Just thought I’d share a cute little story from today. I was coming home from running errands. I was driving down highway 41 towards home with all my windows down, sunroof open, stereo blaring away, and hair blowing in the wind. A car switched lanes behind me and seemed intent on going faster than it had been. As it blew past me on the right as I bore off to the left on 19, I saw its windows all down and the two ladies in it had their hair blowing in the breeze, also. What a wonderful feeling and I wondered if they felt the same, too? Cool thing is that I was a bit shocked when I looked down at my external thermometer and it read 95 degrees!  God truly makes life bearable!