He is making perfect sense out of a perfectly senseless, messed up life!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Testimony Written for Billy Burke Ministries – 2007 – with Update 2013 -- Edited

I was saved at 13 during a conference at the church that I was attending with my folks.  I knew I'd been saved but I had no idea where to go from there and no one told me.  My home life, even though I'd spent most of it in church, was definitely dysfunctional.  My dad, at that time, was just 3 years into this term of his alcohol addiction with a raging German temper that was bad enough without adding alcohol.  My mom was in a depression for the most part of the 1970's.  Yet we were in church every Sunday with my dad intoxicated not long after we got home from Sunday service.  I had no clue how to act so I ran wild for another 15 years.

I rededicated my life to the Lord in 1988, just after being arrested for selling LSD. Five months later I was sentenced to 16 months in prison. Sixteen months that I actually looked forward to going through. I looked forward to leaving that bottomless pit of despair, drugs, alcohol, and all else behind and going off to learn about my Lord. The idea of leaving all of my friends behind ended up being one of the hardest things I’d ever do in my life but I knew there was no way out-- I’d end up dead or committed otherwise. I hated the life I had been living for 18 years (only 28 years old at this time). A life where I spent attempting to fool the world with the whole idea that I was happy living as an accomplished, young career woman, when I felt dead inside. And, I went on spending that entire 16 months in prison getting to know Jesus. I left prison with a new lease on life, drug and alcohol-free; full of nothing more than the Holy Spirit. 

I was interviewed on the telephone from prison by a local TV station. I was actually on that Christian TV show and on Christian Radio in Lima, Ohio after my release in March of 1990.

In December of 1990, after just 8 weeks of dating, I married a loving, Christian man. We knew this was another miracle of God since we are still married 24 years later (2015). 

I had a special anointing on my life and Satan knew it. He struck me again and again with infirmities. But, 

“"I am not afraid, of the storm that comes my way,
When it hits, it shakes me to the core,
And makes me stronger than before"
-- Thousand Foot Krutch (2012)

More recently was a rare and terminal disease called CNS Vasculitis (Central Nervous System Vasculitis or Inflammation of the arteries in the brain and spinal cord). CNSV left me with many, many symptoms including brain lesions and a stroke at the onset of the disease at just 40 years old. Brain lesions are not tumors; they basically have the same symptoms. Lesions are when brain tissue is dead. Tumors are an additional entity added to the brain. Although benign, I still had to be given a drug that was comparable to chemotherapy for Cancer patients. This drug I was just shy of allergic to and it caused me to have many, many more problems.

I spent the most part of the next 2 ½ years in bed. In that first year alone I was prescribed 26 different prescriptions with also having 7 typed pages of symptoms. I lost most of my balance (something like having an inner ear infection) and was put on a cane during that first year. I was finally told in 2003, after seeing numerous doctors that prescribed numerous tests that they thought I was in remission. This after spending that entire 2 ½ years without even 1 week going by that I did not have a test done or see another doctor. That was nearly 4 years ago and I had been fighting to get back to a more normal life where I could stand for more than 10 minutes without having to get my head down.

In 2005, I threw my cane on the dashboard of our moving truck to never use it again. I continued to recover in baby steps. As much as I am able, Jesus has been my constant companion. We also joined a church in Bradenton last summer, Journey Assembly of God (www.journeyassembly.org) and my husband and I have continued to grow in the Lord and just love our fellowship there.

Early in 2007, I went to a class at my church called “Free to Grow”. The first item that was shared was *Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” And, a light bulb went off; I realized that I’d been living too much in ‘one day at a time’, so much so that I’d forgotten His promises to me.

Later that day I went to a celebration at my brother’s condo in Christian Retreat. He had a word from the Lord for me (which was not a normal thing for him), that I had to be at the Billy Burke meeting on Thursday night. That God would meet me there. I came home and looked up Billy Burke on the Internet and read of the healings at his services. I was ecstatic! When I was a child in the 60’s, I read and was told all about Kathryn Kuhlman by my folks who were in the healing ministry (The Order of St. Luke and Faith at Work).  I also had my kidneys healed after reading a book called "Let's Believe" by Agnes Sanford.  I was elated to find someone from that era.

So, I waited for Thursday night (also waiting to be healed) and then met my brother to go over to the meeting. As we walked in and people were singing, I felt 3 cracks in my neck (I’d been in pain all day) and the pain left. This was even before I’d seen Billy Burke (of course, I know the Lord inhabits the praises of His people – and there was already an anointing on the venue). When it came time for prayer, I had my head bowed and was hearing a buzzing in my brain. I waited, rather impatiently, for Billy to say the words “brain lesions”, then I ran for the front of the sanctuary. I was knocked to the floor by God's awesome power even before I could reach Billy Burke. Billy asked me if I realized that he said “brain lesions” (lesions instead of the common tumors) and yes I had noticed. Strange thing was that I’d been calling them tumors for several years due to being tired of explaining the difference. I knew and it didn’t really matter if someone else did. God knew and He told Billy. And I knew the lesions were gone!

I went back to the conference on Saturday night, told the story, and was touched again! My step-son and husband came. My step-son was slain under the power of the Holy Spirit.  My husband was also there that night and I saw his hands in the air for the first time ever.

I had a class on Sunday morning at 9:00 at my church but left a little early to head for Christian Retreat. I arrived late for the service. After turning off of the main road onto the road Christian Retreat is on, I was only able to go about 25 mph due to the cars in front of me. Two cars in front of me passed an extremely slow car and I was unable to pass due to oncoming traffic. The slow car then pulled over to let me pass. It was just like everyone cleared the way for me to get to Christian Retreat. I was amazed!

I made it to Christian Retreat just a few minutes late and looked straight into my brother’s face on the opposite side of the jam packed auditorium. (Things were falling together just like puzzle pieces). Before Billy Burke was introduced and we were singing hymns, The Old Rugged Cross being sung. (This had been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. The last time I’d heard it was when I was in prison and ended up having to be practically carried out of the chapel due to the vision I had of Jesus on the cross. I cried on and off that entire day.) The Lord spoke to me and told me to pay attention to the words that were displayed, which I did. He then told me that was my cry as a child and He’d listened.

After Billy Burke spoke, people lined the isles to the front to reach him. I got in line to actually do no more than thank him for his obedience to God. As I stood in line, I was right next to the stage steps and the cameraman. I realized that I was wasting time just standing there, so I turned and got on my knees on the steps. To make a long story short, I ended up on my back 3 times, being slain in the Spirit and 3 times I tried to get up and went right back down again. I just decided to make use of the time in prayer. I heard that still small voice telling me that I didn’t need Billy Burke to be the point of contact as the others did, that I knew where God’s strength was. I stood in the gap for my mother and her boyfriend. I stood in the gap for my husband, too. I did finally get the chance to thank Billy Burke. I also saw myself as a cheerleader, lying there praising and thanking God for the work He was doing through Billy with all those people.

God also showed me that He was giving me a fresh anointing. I knew that He had anointed me in prison. (He’s shown me since that I have a ministry to the brokenhearted of this world and to that child inside us all that is hurting in so many people.)

I am climbing steps (2 flights) up and down without holding on to the railing, and not having to take one step at a time. I can spin around in circles with my arms out like when I was a kid. I just immediately felt different, stronger. I can pick something up off the floor without feeling like I’m going to dive headfirst. All the things that took balance and didn’t rely on my physical strength, were totally changed at the moment of healing. I believe that if I had an MRI, they’d find no lesions at all! I’ve used my step ladder. Other parts of me are now getting stronger again! I’ve lost weight. Even bones changed in my face that had moved from the Decadron. And I'm expecting to see more and more change as God's healing presence permeates my life!

---Update 2013. I am still recovering from that dreadful illness and God has shown me even more about living a life healthfully. I have posted many other blog entries sharing about His teaching. We went off of all wheat 9+ months ago which there is another post about. This was a big, big healing for me since God has removed most of the pain I had for 30+ years…HALLELUJAH! Please be sure to keep reading!