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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Transparency and Praise Report

     I felt at a loss as to whether I should share this but the Lord kept bringing to my mind the fact that I’ve been thanked for being so transparent in my blog. I need to share that I certainly can’t take the credit for this. I’ve always believed in being open and honest knowing that if I’m out there with it all that no one can say I deceived them as to what I’m about. But, I wasn’t 100% sure that this was a good thing until I attended the church that my husband and I joined after less than a year (2005). (http://journeyassembly.org/). Our pastor, Don Carter and his wife Janet, have always been very transparent and not only I but others that are also members have exclaimed how truly comforting this is. It lets us know that we’re not alone in our struggles and also helps us to be more transparent with others, too. *James 5:16a “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.”

     .I’ve written recently about the work that needed to be done on my teeth. Yesterday was the first of several appointments that it will take to get my mouth in good condition again. As normal, I was petrified. I have a history of my teeth not numbing or it taking much Novocain, Nitrous and even being fully knocked out to have any work done. I pray as much as possible during these visits but even so I’ve had so much apprehension that even the last time during just an evaluation and x-rays, I was nauseous the entire time I was in the procedure room. Praise the Lord, yesterday was different and so much better than in the past. I shared this with a few friends: “Thanks for the prayers. How could I do badly? Had prep for a crown & 3 fillings today. Took Novocain and Nitrous but they were still amazed at how relaxed I was. Could've been my infatuation with the angel that was hovering over me? Ya think? Praise the Lord!” and with one friend I shared “I knew that I was supposed to stop my car and email several people too and you were one of them. Joe acted skeptic like it was the gas but I knew better! I knew what was going on in my heart! I don't like going to the dentist and I honestly get a bit freaky. And I ran to Him (God) so He helped me! I've told people that I've known that walking away from the Lord for me would be like pulling my own plug to my life support! By Him is the ONLY way I make it! I've also shared that the smartest thing I ever did was to admit how weak I am!” I know He will sustain me, whatever it takes! And He is most definitely worthy to be praised!

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