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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hearing God's Voice - Edit 2013

I was just down sick for a couple of days so I decided to watch a movie that I’d recorded on the DVR. It was one that I’d seen before but truly loved and even had the soundtrack bought for me by my husband. I can be a very deep person, always analyzing everything and rather reading between the lines. This is the movie August Rush, which I first saw in the theater. This movie is described as fantasy but to me, along with another church friend of mine, we saw it fully as containing so many metaphors to hearing God’s voice or to God’s voice being present in this world. If you have seen this movie, or haven’t, you must try watching it and see if you see what we did. This is a part of one of the lines that speaks to me quite a bit -- you’ve gotta want Him “more than food” is one of the movie lines. And, there are many others.
But even though this entire movie is full of God sightings and recognition of the way He works and causes miracles in everyday life there are 2 lines that are my favorite: 

      Wizard (Robin Williams) is talking to August (Freddie Highmore).

      August: “So, only some of us can hear it.”
      Wizard: “Only some of us are listening.”

So important! God will speak to you, if you will only listen for His voice! There are other voices in this world that are willing to speak to you but ONLY God’s voice is the voice of the Master!

While watching this movie I was inspired to write:

      I want to hear Him
      I live for it!
      The voice of the Master
      And, my closest Friend!
      Music to my ears
      Peace upon my heart!

I’ve started an art journal with the beginning of this New Year where I can draw, paint, write, about anything I want to do to express myself. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better!

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