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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Tree of Life (Creation's Complexity) Explanation - A Donated Piece

Written - 2007 - Piece donated

This piece is quite dear to me and has been displayed at my Mother’s house since January 6th which marked the end of my very first exhibit as a Mixed – Media Folk artist. The exhibit was “The Blue Briny: Mermaids and More” and was held at the Village of the Arts in Bradenton, Florida.  http://www.artistsguildofmanatee.org/galleries.html)

I received the inspiration for this piece while in bed with CNS Vasculitis
in 2001, before ever thinking about becoming an Artist.

I’ve been crafting since I can remember. I actually sold my first piece for $10.00, when I was 10 years old, when my Grandfather told me that good art should be bought. I remember that vividly! That was a long time ago. I’ve made gifts now and then for others and channeled my creativity into decorating, even into the faux painting of the 90’s. I did a little bit of everything from crocheting, to embroidery, to bead flowers, to mosaics…you name it and I’ve done it. I was also only able to utilize a few hours here and there due to working full-time at the hospital and all the other duties involving a more normal Christian life.

When I became ill, I was told that I could no longer work, but I kept striving to keep busy. When I had the inspiration for this piece, I had no idea what it was supposed to be and where I was supposed to show it, I just knew I was supposed to make it. And, the picture stayed in my mind over the years and I started collecting the items that comprise it, firstly an approximately 80 year old mirror that hung on my mother’s wall and then on my wall for years and lastly the two-part epoxy that seals the piece. I have always liked to redo old pieces…give them new life. Give them another chance on this earth when otherwise they’d be in a dump somewhere.

I moved to Florida in 2005, throwing away my cane in the process. I started doing artwork and selling a few things here and there. Then all of a sudden I was accepted into this exhibit and it was time! So, this is the main piece that I exhibited. It leaned against the wall on a shelf at the Heart’s Desire Gallery in the Village of the Arts.

The meaning of this piece came to me one Saturday morning while working on it, that it was supposed to be my version of “The Tree of Life” and have a parenthetical title, which I was supposed to ask my husband to come up with, that way he’d feel a part of it, too. It was supposed to represent God’s diversity in His creation – that you have to look many times at someone to see every part of them – because we are “fearfully and wonderfully made;” [Psalm 139:14). Because I have always admired someone, who in this world, dares to be who God made them to be!