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Friday, March 22, 2013

Do You Play?

I’ve not been a good one for that for much of my adult life and it is so very therapeutic. I’ve learned this since I decided to finally announce to the world that I’m an artist. I’ve also found other artists who consider at least some of their art to be “playing” as I do. 

Do any of you feel the need to spend more quality time with God? “Playing” can help you to do this!

I believe I shared in another blog post about the rare illness that I had, CNS Vasculitis. This illness was only found in autopsy prior to 1999 so it was quite rare. I once knew a site administrator for information on this illness and she had done a poll of the people registered to the site. The ONLY thing that ALL participants had in common is that we were ALL work-a-holics. Is that you?

I don’t believe that God wants us to just work all the time. And, if you’re anything like I was, my mind didn’t slow down enough to hear from Him very often at all until I learned to “play”. You need to find a hobby, something that you enjoy, something that helps you to slow down and get your mind off of the list of a million and one things that you have pending!

What do I do? Well, I put on worship music a bit more quietly and tune all else out while “playing” with my art. In doing so I get so quiet that I am able to also easily commune with God. I’m able to have quality time with Him. I’m still doing something but I’m quieted. More things have come to me while doing this. I’ve gotten out of more funky moods while doing this, too!

My “playing” in the art piece above was even more “playful” since it was an old piece that I’d saved with Encaustic wax on it so I “played” with my heat gun melting the old wax (what fun) and letting it run all over! I think I’ve discovered a different kind of art for me and I’m still working on it (will post a photo when finished). ONLY God knows what you might discover!

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