He is making perfect sense out of a perfectly senseless, messed up life!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Now firstly I need you to remember that my husband has changed hours with his new job. He leaves for work at about 5:45pm (to avoid traffic on his nearly 1 hour drive) and doesn’t get home until approximately 8 am. So, I am left sleeping alone for the first time since the mid 1990’s. At that time I worked part time nights in the Emergency Room which brought on nightmares so that my dad ended up installing an alarm system in our mobile home.

I have been doing these new hours for close to 2 months yet still struggling a bit most nights. His schedule is quite sporadic so that it is also not at all easy to get used to like it might be if he had a Monday thru Friday job. I am just finally able to think about it and figure out what days he works without looking at the yearlong schedule he was given. We know this job was a gift from God. So much about his workplace is so positive. I’ve found nothing yet to disagree with so the hours must just be something to work on.

I am also working to change my own hours of operation by the guidance of the Holy Spirit so I am going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. What a feat since it changes how my medications work, my eating, and etc. But, I am trusting God to help me with what I believe is certainly His will since after less than a week I am starting to feel better, with much more energy, etc.

Last night I made it to bed at 10:30 (made it 10-10:30 since that feels easier to hit) yet found myself standing in our living room telling Satan to get out of my house at 3am, by the authority given to me in Jesus’ name. I'd had nothing but restless, interrupted sleep until then (Noises, noises, noises!). After that I slept like a baby, although I did sleep through my alarm, waking up at 6:15 instead of 5. Because I hate oversleeping, I found myself to be confused; I was just plain bewildered about how to go about my morning.

BUT, I ever so quickly saw my iPad next to me and remembered that I’d heard that little ding tone signifying that I’d had a message from a friend AND that good friend and sister in Christ had shared a YouTube video with me. I was elated and loved this new worship music and it inspired me to getting up out of bed and pairing my iPad with YouTube streaming through our ROKU on our 40” TV (that God provided for us through me winning it free about 3 years ago (another cool story). Hallelujah!) I would recommend ROKU if only for this. I also stream Pandora.com radio with worship music through the ROKU. I've had worship music on ever since. I am going to figure out a way to play it while in bed if I need to make my own flash drive for my radio/alarm/mp3 player. I have found out that it helps my focus amazingly! No, I can still find it in me to be in a lousy mood, but if I let the worship music in, He helps even then!

Check out this new video that was shared with me this morning. And then, find some of your own worship music to help you, too! Our pastor has shared that even Jazz music comes in the Christian music persuasion. There’s something for everyone! It can be so very helpful to direct you back to our Father especially when life throws us so many distractions!


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