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Friday, September 30, 2016

YOU CAN DO IT - How I quit smoking after 33 years!

First of all, what advice I'd found out there wasn't working. And, I especially remember feeling so defeated as a Christian. Why, when I knew this was so bad for me, could I not seem to even want to give it up enough.  I felt like even in saying that, that I was putting it before my relationship with God. I quit all kinds of drugs and other hurts, habits, and hang-ups, but why was this so hard. I prayed and prayed and prayed!

I now remember that a song by "Red" gave me so much perspective into the way that I was feeling.  It is a loud song (please turn it down if not to your liking and just read the lyrics) but I hope to find some lyrics to share:

My husband had quit and he was not the most pleasant to live with, with me still smoking. He let me know just what he thought about me still smoking. I told him repeatedly that I had to want to quit. It would not help me to try to do it for him. I had to do it for me, and for my God!

Trying to quit the traditional ways did not work. I tried probably every way that I found and even did stop 2 times for several months, but that habit was just too strong. I actually remember when I tried to do it cold turkey. After just 3-4 days, when my husband got home from work I was throwing things and yelling 'how can God help me when I can't even find Him?' Satan has his ways, his lies and deceit. Of course God was there. He was totally there waiting for me to cry out in the midst but Satan was prodding at the same time.

Finally I got a clue. I don't remember reading anything about it so I think it was just by Holy Spirit inspiration that I saw the need for me to break the habit first. I hope these things help you to make up your own list or rules to live by. This is what I did. I made up a list of rules that I would pray and ask Jesus to help me with.

1. I decided to only smoke outside, anywhere. Not even in my car. (Which I
must confess that I had already started smoking outside my own home
and found that I liked not having the mess in my home.)

2. I decided to pray and ask God to help me to never smoke a whole cigarette again.  This way I reduced the amount of nicotine that I had in my system.    If I saw it as too expensive, I'd put them out 1/2 way and save them for the next time.

3. I quit smoking at all the usual times, after meals, when I first got up, when I
first got home, etc. (make a list if need be) And, I'd just pray and wait a
bit longer. Jesus did help me. He's right there waiting. And it was easier
this time. I prayed about everything. And, I wasn't perfect. I remember
all of a sudden realizing now and then that I'd smoked nearly a whole
cigarette, but I prayed about that, too! I prayed so much that I'm sure this
6 months that it took me to quit, also increased my prayer life and drew me
closer to God at the same time. 

4. I took 6 months. You can take less or more time. It's all between you and God!

5. I kept a pack of Nicotine gum there and I think I chewed 4-5 pieces of it.

6. I did not try to even start this on a holiday or other time where it would've been harder to stop. I prayed about slowing down, quitting, I prayed about it all!

7. Finally I prayed and set a date to quit. I quit smoking on June 8th of 2007. I will be honest. In the next 6 months I did slip and smoke 2-3 cigarettes but I quit!

At this time, I have 9+ years smoke free! You can do it, too! It does help that the price of cigarettes has skyrocketed. It seems that every time I have thought that I might try one, I see the price. YIKES!

If this doesn't work, maybe you need some encouragement. Find a Celebrate Recovery group in your area. It has helped me and so many others find victory over their hurts, hang-ups, and habits! WWW.celebraterecovery.com.

And, one of my favorite songs ever that we've sang at Celebrate Recovery. It is so befitting: 

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