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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bible Journaling - Is it for you?

A friend just told me that “the Lord is most certainly moving in your heart to spread the good news!” And I replied “My life...been doing this for some time.  God is awesome and I want everyone to know it!  Rooftops!”

I just don’t know how to stop?  I love encouraging people!  

I have just recently been noticing how much more patiently I am waiting in doctor’s offices than I used to.  This, to me, is amazing.  I was so happy when I got an iPhone because it is the first one that I’ve learned to play on and it helped me to be patient waiting in places.  Yet I still did face some issues with impatience at times.  Today, a timer went off at the chiropractors office to signal the return of the technician and I just closed my eyes again, relaxing.  That is new for me!  Ah, God is working!  He is always working on me!  I am forever being blessed by Him.  And, I believe that this new found patience can actually be attributed to my newer found practice of Bible Journaling and the hours that it temps me away to spend with Jesus.

Do you need a good stress reliever?  Do you just want to find out more about it? Then check out Tracie Rollins at BibleJournalingMinistries.com  
https://www.biblejournalingministries.com/bible-journaling-classes/  You can just investigate!  Is this for you?  Do you know someone who might benefit from this?  And, if you are on Facebook you can find a whole community of Bible Journaling people in the Bible Journaling for Beginners group.

I have my Journaling Bible that I do more extensive Journaling in.  Then I have my “Inspire Psalms” book that I do basically coloring in (for when I don’t have the time or space for a mess).  See examples below:

Inspire Psalms Book
Inside Inspire Psalms colored by me

Inside Inspire Psalms colored by me

Inside Inspire Psalms colored by me

My Journaling Bible embellished by me
My Journaling Bible embellished by me.
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