He is making perfect sense out of a perfectly senseless, messed up life!

Monday, August 7, 2017


I had a bad night, one of my worst. I researched it, it was a Trapezius Muscle Spasm. This was the 2nd and lasted for 6 grueling hours. I had used tiger balm on my neck prior to bed. I slept about an hour before it started so I tossed and turned and prayed and prayed. Finally I could stand no more so I got up about 3 hours after it started to research it on the internet. I found to put ice on it and go back to bed. I finally got back to sleep yet I awoke soaking wet, the bed soaking wet, my pillow soaking wet…what now? Joe was sound asleep and needed to work later today so I just let him sleep (hoping he wouldn’t roll over on the wet). I pulled my pillow off and got up. It was now about 8:45 and I needed to let Cardiac Rehab know that I wouldn’t be making it. Not on 2 hours of sleep!

YET, I got up and was surprisingly wide awake??? I was talking to the Lord – praying as I do most mornings! I did not feel like going back to bed and after another hour or so I actually decided that I didn’t need to and got some coffee.

Bible Journaling kept coming to mind. The previous Sunday I believe that God showed me through a song in church that I was supposed to do a search in the Bible on Strength and Trust using my “His Strength”  Journal (now with pink touches! 

and my Journaling Bible. This kept coming to mind, plus the color pink. As I went on sharing with a friend in Facebook Messenger in the quiet of the morning more things came to mind and I realized that God was wanting to teach me more about Female Strength as I also had more pictures to use come to mind. I was feeling wonderful! Pain Free! High on the Magnificent, Comforting Presence of the Holy Spirit. His Peace filled our dining room as I poured through all of my Bible Journaling supplies for the pink things that I needed…as He spoke to me…

This is one of the main reasons that a relationship with Him is important! Not every thing we think is right, is. I thought I had to go to Cardiac Rehab this morning BUT He had a different plan!

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