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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Awesome Healing Share – 2010 with Update in 2013

Just proved it! To explain; last night while watching Morningstar TV I was holding my left hand and praying for it (step-son saw this happen) because I've still had a terrible time with arthritis and nerve damage from the CNS Vasculitis. When, the guy on the TV (live) called out a Word of Knowledge of a healing in a left hand, and tingling and nerve damage were healing and I was crying and Brian heard it and spun around in his chair.
I was just painting my nails and used to really fight holding my left hand still when painting the right and had no trouble tonight! Hallelujah! I knew it...I've been healed! And, please join me in giving a big praise to the Lord!

Update – 2013:  God heals in many ways and although I’m sure that most all people would want to be healed instantaneously I’ve seen Him heal over time more than anything else.  For me, I thought my left arm had been wholly healed back in 2010 and I thought it would be just a gradual thing.  But, last year I had a bad fall breaking my left arm, dislocating my shoulder, and I also had a full-thickness tear of the rotator cuff along with surgery.  Oh I did go through a spell when I thought I was finally losing my left arm as explained in several posts from 2012.  I’d forgotten all about this healing time until I just found this post a few days ago.

Yes, I had to go through quite a bit with this injury.  I was down for nearly 6 months of 2012.  But as I went through physical therapy for this I started noticing that I could carry a plate in my left hand without any tremors.  I used to nearly throw the plate and just could not carry one since the stroke in early 2001.  I am still able to and continuing to heal.  Although it is taking some time to get my full strength back, I received full range of motion back in that arm in just 5 months.  I was told that as severe as my injury was that the full range of motion could take up to a year.  After just 5 months I was praying in church and in my mind’s eye I saw myself with both arms in the air, I opened my eyes and called to my son and put both arms straight up in the air waving at him.  I have had full range of motion ever since.  I haven’t ridden roller coasters since the fall (haven’t actually had the chance) but I’ve been doing everything else (even lifting things down from higher cupboards, the top of the refrigerator, etc.).  I have also never had to wear the brace again that I’ve had on my left hand several times in the past.  And, of course, carrying plates with my left hand…NO PROBLEM!  What I’d thought was just to hinder me has helped me to regain what I’d lost a good 13 years ago!  Hallelujah!

Don't put anything past Him!  You're healed when He says you are and ONLY HE knows when that will happen!

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