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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Angel - 2008

Some friends and I had facilitated classes at the Sarasota County Jail in the morning. Then we went about several errands while in Sarasota. We had an errand to run at a hardware store. We were all hungry so we went on to look for some place to eat lunch. As we drove down the strip mall, I recognized the name of a place possibly being on a coupon in my purse. I had approximately 6-8 coupons in my purse. To our elation, one of these was a match to a pizza restaurant in this plaza so we all decided to stop and try it out. Now, to us this was a God thing already and we were all thanking the Lord for His blessings to save us a little on our lunch, but definitely not the end of His blessings.

After ordering, one of my friends offered to pay the bill, and I (without thinking) said that I wanted to pick up the check. After which I wrestled with in my mind due to the fact of not checking it out with my husband before offering to spend money but I just believed I heard God telling me in His still, small voice that all would be OK. So, I just put it in God’s hands and enjoyed our meal. We all ate the best pizza we had had in Florida, honestly. 

At the end of our meal, the waitress asked us if we’d known the lady sitting in the booth next to us (we’d seen her sitting there but she’d left just after we ordered), and no we didn’t know who she was. Then the waitress told us that this lady had paid for our lunch! Our mouths fell open; nearly hitting the table in front of us and we all praised and thanked the Lord. (My mind went back to a dream I had where God had told me that if it was His will, the money would be there!) I truly know that this will never be forgotten as the day our angel paid our bill!

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