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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Papa's Gift - 2010

My step-son is moving back out. We had the opportunity to go up to Ikea with him to help him find various things that he needed. We had just been to Ikea a couple of weeks ago so I was unsure that we needed anything (said a little prayer in my mind) but thought I’d go along to support him and for a little get-away (relaxing ride to Tampa, also). I believed this trip was in God’s direction.

When we got there and were on the way in the as-is room (things priced down very cheaply – opened boxes, seconds, etc…) went through my mind quite abruptly. I knew that I had to visit that area before we left there. We went on to finding the things that he needed.

When we got down to the as-is room, I was talking to the Lord in my head and I knew that I had to specifically look for something special that He had there for me. I looked through almost all of the things in that room and was tired so I looked for a place to sit for a minute and then I spotted it and tears came to my eyes. I nearly tripped over this 4 sided wooden box with slits cut for handles and feet with a $10.00 sticker on it. Then my Grandpa’s tiles came to mind. I was bowled over. To explain: I have had a box of porcelain on steel tiles for quite a few years that my maternal Grandfather manufactured (I’m told) in the 1930’s (he was promoted to Glory in 1980). I’ve had the idea to make a wooden box, covered with them, for a planter to make a way of cherishing them where I could see them. I’ve only seen these tiles once or twice, out in our shed, since our move to Florida in 2005. I’d not even had the opportunity to work on it since the move although it has been a dream of mine since Ohio. It so touched my heart that I was sharing what happened with Joe and could hardly speak due to being so choked up. I was struck by how intimately my Papa knows me. How amazingly He was being my provider. And, the materials to make the box would’ve definitely come to more than $10.00 and required quite a bit of planning and work. I also felt that with this, He showed, once more, His appreciation for my sentimentality. Much of my artwork that has been inspired by the Holy Spirit has used old jewelry, old button shoe clips of my Grandmother, old family photographs, etc... which helped them to become so much more special, to me.

My husband and I have been coming closer and closer to the Lord. We have been shown sacrifices to make and have been obedient. Over the weekend I’d put my foot down and claimed that I would not doubt Him, no matter what. And, I shared with my guys (that seemed nearly oblivious to what had happened) that through this plain old box that probably no one else wanted (end of the day, too) that God was able to touch me to the point of tears (what is one man’s trash is another’s treasure). I saw that as so special, so intimate…He wanted to touch me in such a way that I had absolutely no doubt that this box was a gift from Him. And, this verse came to mind: *Matthew 7:11 “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”