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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Writing at the Beach - An Angel Visit - 2009

It was February 11th, 2009 and my first day away from home writing out on Anna Maria Island.

I basked in the sun that was warming my skin as I felt God changing me in ways that I couldn’t control. The atmosphere was thick with a warm, softness as His presence permeated deep into my spirit. I found I liked being alone with Him in that place of His exquisite beauty. He guided me there for a special reason that I’m just only starting to learn about.

(In 2006, after our move from Ohio I drove out to the island and as I turned right onto Gulf drive, words flooded my mind. Oh I am so pleased for His words! And, it happened! Why did it take me so long? “Send me an instrument that I may write down more of Your words! Wow! Thank You, Papa! I know now where I belong at least part of the time! I praise Your name! Lead me into more of You!)

I wrote, I read Hemmingway, and I walked! I had the most stress-free time I’ve had in I don’t know how long.

Poem written while at the beach:


Peace be with me
All of these days
Walking with my Lord
In enamored praise.

Oh, I’m so pleased
That I didn’t tarry long
And came home running
To His open arms!

Oh Lord don’t ever let me
Fall down that slippery slope
Into that thoughtless world
A world that’s lost all hope.

I only want to bask in You
To feel Your ever present love
And know my life is focused
On the Holy One above!

By Juliana Pace 02/11/09

During my drive home I realized that I was experiencing a new gift from my heavenly Papa – I felt the urge to describe everything as I saw it. Everything had some different reason or perspective behind it. Green wasn’t just green anymore!

And, then it happened. No one has ever commented on the Christian signs on my car until that day in bumper to bumper traffic a gentleman in the next lane motioned to me to turn down my CD player.  He pointed at the static sticker in my right rear window (“Christianity is a Relationship”) and then said, “It is one, isn’t it? You can’t do it all alone?” and it touched my heart to the point of tears. I never noticed him in the lane next to me again. He didn’t roll down his window; he opened his truck door to talk to me. Who was he?

And then I was home in awe and looking forward to my next writing trip! Much more to come!

The attached photo was taken the same day!